Vic trio killed by man who snapped: court

Moments after stabbing his neighbour to death over a feud about dust, Ian Francis Jamieson told himself he might as well kill his victim’s elderly parents too.


“I thought ‘bugger it, I’m gone, I might as well clean the other ones up’,” Jamieson, 65, said later in his police interview.

“They pushed, pushed, pushed and I had enough.”

Jamieson then gunned down his dying neighbour’s parents, because he reasoned he was going to jail anyway.

He appeared without legal representation in the Victorian Supreme Court in Bendigo on Thursday having pleaded guilty to murdering Greg Holmes, 48, and Mr Holmes’ parents Mary, 75, and Peter Lockhart, 78.

The court heard Jamieson, 65, has made multiple confessions to killing his former friends.

Crown prosecutor Andrew Tilley SC told the plea hearing Mr Lockhart had helped Jamieson rebuild his house after it burned down.

But things soured between the Lockharts, their son and Jamieson over the use of a dirt road close to their properties near Wedderburn in central Victoria.

“Jamieson claimed the use of that road resulted in dust affecting his property … and dust going into his drinking water,” Mr Tilley said.

Jamieson told police he went to Mr Holmes’ house on October 22, 2014 armed with a knife because the last time they’d argued, the younger man had pulled a gun on him.

“One thing led to another and the next moment it was fisticuffs,” he told police.

Jamieson stabbed Mr Holmes and decided he might as well kill the others too.

He shot Mr Lockhart four times – twice in the head – and Ms Lockhart three times, once in the head.

The New Zealand-born man then told triple-zero: “Just send the cops around, alright. I should be put in jail, I’m a c***”.

He told police he wished it hadn’t ended that way.

“They didn’t give me any choice,” Jamieson told police.

“I’m not a violent person normally.”

The court heard Jamieson also rang a friend and told him: “Wally, I’ve killed three people. I want you to come down and look after Janice, I’ll never see the light of day again.”

After members of the Lockhart and Holmes families read their victim impact statements to the court, Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth adjourned the hearing because Jamieson did not have legal representation.

The case will return to court on April 29.