Bali guards allegedly attacked Perth man

An Australian man says he was beaten and handcuffed by security guards at a popular Bali nightclub, and left with fractures to his face.


But police say he was restrained so that guards could “calm him down” and that CCTV of the incident was only kept by management for a few days.

Joshua Hughes was at Sky Garden in Kuta in the early hours of April 2 when he tried to “stick up” for his friend during a fight.

It was then that around a dozen security guards set upon him, handcuffed him and “beat the s***” out of him, he said.

The matter was reported to police a few days later.

Kuta Police Station Chief Wayan Sumara said the 32-year-old had suffered broken bones, including to his nose, as a result of the attack.

On April 8, police went to the nightclub and spoke with the guards, all of who denied any attack by security took place.

“(They said) what happened was that he was beaten by (four) other guests when the victim tried to stop a fight involving his friend,” Wayan told AAP.

The attackers were described as foreigners.

After being hit, Wayan said security guards went over to Mr Hughes to try and “calm him down”.

“That is why he must be handcuffed to take him down and out of Sky Garden,” he added.

“We’ve checked the CCTV, but according to Sky Garden management, the record of that incident was only kept for a few days.”

It is understood, police said, that Mr Hughes is back in Australia.

However, Sky Garden said that while the two men who were allegedly involved in an altercation were handcuffed, the club had followed “proper procedure”.

“First and foremost, we are truly upset about the injuries that happened to the man from Perth, Australia. We do not condone violence and we take every pre-caution to help prevent it; our patrons safety and comfort remain our top priorities,” the club said in a statement on Wednesday.

They denied the altercation involved guards at the premises and said CCTV was used the “piece together” the sequence of events that showed there was no foul play.

Investigations are continuing.